Call Quality Manager

Call Quality has been defined and measured very narrowly in the industry. It’s synonymous with “voice quality,” usually measured by ITU-T G.107 and P.862 that map to Mean Opinion Score (MOS). A call, however, has many other facets than voice. For instance, a subscriber is on a mobile, driving along, the call may have sounded fine while driving, but it dropped, and that’s a big nuisance. The subscriber will have to redial to resume conversation, worse still if it were an enterprise subscriber on a conference call who has to enter several digits to log back in. Another scenario: a subscriber repeatedly dials an international termination, only to find that the call goes into a black hole (either due to excessive post dial delay or poor completion rate). It’s irritating.

  • Do your calls go into a black hole? (retry several times, before your calls connect)
  • Do your calls have excessive post dial delay (wait for ringback, hangup, redial and wait longer for ringback)
  • Do your calls disrupt midway? (mobile calls drop, VoIP calls disconnect after a couple of seconds)
  • Do your calls have poor audio? (considerable echo, choppy or robotic audio, bursts of one-way voice)
  • Does your management solution pin-point root cause and how to fix it?
  • Do you get bills for incorrect amount? (routed to spurious announcements and billed, hacked PBX originates premium rate international calls)

If you answer yes to any or all of the above scenarios, your Quality of User Experience (QUES) is not ideal and Datanomers Big Data CQM Solution will help.

The Solution

Our Call Quality Solution ensures better Quality of User Experience. What do we mean by QUES (Quality of User Experience)? Calls are monitored proactively in real time and re-routed to a better carrier to avoid bad user experience. Such calls are assigned a very low, subpar QUES Score by our Solution and our CQM Manager not only flags these calls but also suggest how to re-route such calls for high QUES score and low customer churn which Results in high customer satisfaction. To ensure high QUE, the alerts are generated in near real-time using Advanced Statistical Algorithms and Automation, You re-route the traffic to an alternative carrier that is better and recommended by "Our Intelligent Analytics Modeler (IAM)", One of its kind in the market. This proactive management differentiates a voice service offered by a carrier or enterprise. Our Call Quality Manager works off your CDRs and differentiates from its competitors in that it is the first Solution in the market that provides Comprehensive State-of-the-Art QUES Score by managing the entire calling experience for an end user (call drops, high post dial delay, poor audio, poor connection rate - comprehensive QUES score). Most Industry Solutions today just monitor audio Quality (MOS) Our solution has the ability to monitor 100 to 150 million calls per 24 hours in real time and is Comprehensive and based on Advanced Statistical Machine Learning Algorithms that monitors end to end User Experience to ensure Excellent QUES Score for a converged (fixed & mobile) ubiquitous anytime-anywhere communication for the carriers and enterprise

Our Differentiator: A Next-Gen Approach – High ROI
  • Manage for better user experience. End-to-end to increase revenue.
  • Get rid of poor quality – bad calls, fraudulent billing – for sensitive customers - Differentiate from competition.
  • High accuracy. No false positives. True positives alerted in near real-time, resolve issue before impact. Lower operational expense.
  • Actionable intelligence into how to resolve the issue – identifies better suppliers in your route.
  • Integrate to automate operations process. Works off CDRs. No massive probes and agents deployments. Simpler. Low capex, opex.