Cognitive Intelligence Agent

Datanomers has launched industry’s first “Cognitive Intelligence Agent” that predicts user’s interests in real time. Profusion of content on the web and your enterprise website makes it hard for your users to find what matters to them, it would be nice if your users could filter the vast ocean of content to get to where they want to go without spending numerous clicks to find content that interests them. Cognitive Intelligence Agent powered by Datanomer’s technology personalizes the user’s world on your website. CIA observes and builds each user’s profile of interests, mines your warehouse to present highly relevant content that matches user’s interests, pushes content proactively (search engines are reactive), builds serendipity by weaving a story of your contents to engage the user and let’s the user share content via social media. All this automatically! Your user’s will be more engaged. By enriching user experience, you can grow traffic with revenue-bearing profile. Personalization serves as a competitive differentiator and helps you build customer loyalty.