We Transform Your Business Faster

We at Datanomers thrive on innovation to bring value to our customers. Our team of PhDs continuously engage in researching, prototyping and deploying solutions that will define our world tomorrow. We build solutions to address your most challenging problems for meaningful impact on your business. Our solutions are unique: they are expert systems that, based on self-calibrating machine learning, are accurate, easy to operate, and automate processes.

Our Mission
Impact the world in meaningful ways. Enable people to lead more productive life.

How do we deliver on our mission:
Innovative ideas and technologies to remove obstacles, enable first apps.
Perseverance, because we believe our innovation will deliver.
Not hold the ideas and technology hostage to vested interest.

How are we different:
At Datanomers we're focused on inventing tomorrow. We answer to no investors or outside interests. Our strategy and decisions are guided solely by what will lead to building the best inventions our technology can harness.
What We Do


Datanomers invented its first product, False Answer Supervision application, on its Big Data Platform, and it was deployed at the biggest voice wholesaler, Tata Communications. This product enabled Tata to automate their fraud management process end-to-end.


Deployed Automated Fraud Detection and Remediation solution at customers such as Verizon, Skype, TeliaSonera and KDDI, expanding our global footprint.

Invented Customer Churn Predictor, Call Quality Manager and added to the portfolio for Fraud Remediation - International Revenue Share Fraud, Premium Rate Fraud, Artificial Inflation of Traffic and Hacked IP PBX.


Invented solution to arrest SIM Box fraud using statistical machine learning. Develop Cognitive Intelligence Agent for enterprise, powered by self-calibrating machine intelligence technology, the first of its kind in the industry. Expanded our product offering to largest Turkish wholesaler and mobile operator


Consistent with our tradition of innovation, we are now leveraging our Big Data Platform to build fintech apps. We now have the underwriting process automated for New York’s midtown major bank.

How We Make It Happen

The Technology – Self-calibrating statistical machine learning. Machine learns a behavior (by building a model).

Innovative ideas – that enable the technology to invent meaningful solutions. Together they invent breakthrough solutions.

The Platform – web-enabled apps powered by machine learning, for enterprise and consumers. Fastest way to spread the solution world-wide.

The People – Our Team is dedicated to invent, and believes in our vision.